Friday, February 23, 2007


i am happy to announce that a new magazine called worldsurf will be sponsoring me on my ride from providence to seattle. this magazine is the creation of pete mellor, designed to highlight everyday people in their efforts to do something extraordinary. the first issue is going to be loaded with incredible stories, and is set to be published in late 2007. i'm really excited about this magazine as its central goal is to make people aware of the opportunities that exist to make meaningful changes in our own lives, in our neighbors lives, and in the lives of those the world over. i am excited and honored to have my story published in such a forum. make sure to check it out this fall.

aside from worldsurf, i happened to find myself chatting it up with an older man at EMS last night. he was the second man i had met within an hour who had done the seattle-san francisco ride down highway 1 (which i plan to do post-B&B). anyway, he gave me the name of the main bike guy at EMS and with a wink said, "he might be interested in a corporate relationship." thanks for the tip, buddy. i'm going to give this guy a call this weekend and see about sponsorship. i'm thinking i'll hit up REI with the same request.


Brianne said...

tommy said he's doing the seattle to san fran trip with you. anyone else? i'm interested in going!

travelling terra said...

yeah we've been discussing it. i just met a girl in san fran who had biked vancouver to tijuana so i learned a lot from her. my only restriction at that point is financial, but i'm pretty sure i don't care about that. ride on.