Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Touch of the Past

I've spent the past three days packing up my room in Cambridge, renting a U-Haul, packing up the truck, driving it up to Maine, cleaning out my parents' garage (no small task), and then unloading everything into my own little corner of the garage attic. This morning, I returned the truck, rode my fixie home, and I finally feel like "things" are in place and the summer is in sight.

While I was cleaning out the garage, I came upon my old purple Columbia bike:

Think I could make it to Seattle with this beast? After holding on to this trophy ride (I did actually win this with my killer bowling skills) for (how many years?), I have finally decided to pass it on. I have been trying to find a benefactor. If anyone knows of an organization like Bikes Not Bombs based in Maine, please do tell. It's a real gem, despite two flat tires and a really goupy chain.

Lastly, last week before heading up to Maine, I stopped by REI for about the 3,395,987th time and picked up a load of REI water bottles and a handful of 15% off coupons for the group. I'll be bringing them along to Providence on June 7th.

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