Friday, August 31, 2007

Familiar territory

I'm spending tonight in Arcata, CA at my brother's old apartment. This past March, I flew out to California on a vacation from work to visit him and other friends here. I've now re-entered familiar territory. I've driven the road from here southward to San Francisco before and I must admit, it's a bit strange to be somewhere I've been before after having been in completely UNfamiliar territory for most of the last 3 months. What's also strange - the sound of the TV in the background, a roof over my head, being INdoors, a computer to use for as long as I want, a couch to sleep on, a REFRIGERATOR!

Let me catch you up a bit on where I've been, who I've met, and what I've been seeing.

Just outside Cannon Beach, OR (I don't know what this is or why it was parked in front of the bike shop):

Going through a tunnel on the OR coast:

Paul and Jimmy, from Ohio, biking Victoria, BC -> Mexico in 3 weeks. Yikes:

View from lunch a few days back:

Sunset at the beach at one of my favorite camping spots:

Colin, from Calgary, going to Mexico with his guitar and totally free spirit. We spent an afternoon together and chilled at the Hauser Bar and Grill (Hauser's population is unknown but word on the street is it's about as many people as were in the bar that day - mmm...'bout 10:

A sample population:

Bob and Sherrie, headed to San Diego. It was Sherrie's 46th birthday yesterday and I shared it with these two and her friend Devorah around the campfire with seafood, salad, wine, COLD beer, and chocolate cake. What a treat:

As always, there's lots more but it's past my bedtime now. Hope to catch up with you all soon...looks like I'll be in SF in about a week!


Anonymous said...

Terra! I'm so glad the ride has been beautiful and full of wonderful strangers. I can't wait to see you in San Francisco! I'm leaving for my backpacking trip on Friday, so I'm sad to say I'll probably miss you're arrival, but I'll be back in just a few weeks and we can PLAY!!!! love Amelia

Ida said...

Terra--I have loved and enjoyed your accounts of your travels and those of your friends on your trip. It all sounds so exciting . I have just left your parents and your brother and your name was often on our lips and in each of our hearts. Congrats on the success of your dream that you had such courage to follow, I hope you feel fulfilled and proud. Looking forward to MORE!!! Love, Gram

LDIZZLE said...


This is your P2S gizzirl LAUREN thinking about you all the way in Richmond, VA on this beautiful day! I'm still without the internet so keeping up with everyone since the trip ended has been hard, but I hope to have something more reliable soon and then more comments for you like ALL OF THE TIME!!! For now, I hope all is going superrr well (your pictures are amazing) and I miss you!!!!!! I think about you a lot during my days that are spent inside at school and work. One of the things I miss the most and/or found hardest to adjust to was not being outside at all anymore....I think I'm going to start sleeping out on my porch just so I can feel "right" again. POINT IS: YOU, MY DEAR, ARE STILL ON THE ROAD DOING YOUR CAMPING/OUTSIDE THING. I WILL LIVE VICARIOUSLY THROUGH YOU. I APPLAUD AND ADMIRE YOU. Good luck, keep shit real, and I'll be in touch.

BYE BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!