Saturday, September 29, 2007

For all of you who are still following this thing...

Thank you! This is for you.

As a bit of an update: I have now moved into my own apartment here in San Francisco. I am living in the lower haight with 4 other roommates in a 3-floor house (we have the top floor). My room's fairly small, painted a salmony shade of pink, and has a loft bed. I spent a couple days cleaning and re-arranging and now I'm quite happy with it. The roommates are great, and we have an AMAZING roof-top room looking south over Market St., the Mission, the Castro, Twin Peaks, and beyond. I have started a little tutoring gig with a small company called Connexion Tutoring. Last week I biked out to Tiburon (18 miles, one way) to tutor a sophomore girl in precalculus. I'm hoping to get more gigs in the city, but the long bike ride (relatively speaking of course) actually turned out to be quite nice, despite that damn climb out of Sausolito and onto the GG Bridge. In addition, I'm interviewing for an assistant coaching position for the girls varsity at Urban, a local private high school. Little pieces are coming together.

So, tonight I attended the 15th anniversary ride of Critical Mass here in San Francisco. (Also, see this, this, and this.) There were a bunch of people (thousands I would guess) and lots of funky-ness. I'm gonna upload some photos and video, you can provide the narration. Oh - craziness - I ran into Colin who had just crossed the GG Bridge at 5pm! The "photo" I thought I was taking of him actually turned out to be a video. You'll see. Check it out:

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Evan said...

I just did my first critical mass yesterday too! I was heading out to Octoberfest at Harpoon, when I turned a corner and there were hundreds of bikes out in front of me! So, naturally, I joined up with them for a good meandering ride before getting back on track.

So glad to hear everything's falling into place for you! Enjoy the new apt, and good luck on your interview!