Friday, February 16, 2007

enterprise or bruiser?

those are the two names i'm deciding on for the new trek1000. i came home from work on monday night to find the box propped outside my apartment door. in a moment of fury i let myself in, dragging the box behind me, and started ripping into it without even taking my gloves, backpack, helmet, or jacket off...and yet i still managed to get photos! actually, the moment of fury was a bit posed, i suppose. i actually did start ripping into the thing before even coming in and setting my stuff down, but in that moment i realized how ridiculous it was and thought 'i should get some pictures of this.' so here they are:

by wednesday night i had enough time to spend with the new beast to start assembling it and giving it some love. after all, it was valentine's day. here are some shots of the whole process (isn't it puuuurdy?)

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