Thursday, February 8, 2007

then it got personal

so i have to admit, before now, i've had no real ties to affordable housing. i've never volunteered with habitat before (though i will be on february 17th). i don't have that one story in my back pocket about why this cause is near and dear to my heart. and truthfully, i've felt a little guilty for going all-in (and asking others to do the same) for a cause i know so little about. however, over the past couple of weeks, donations have started to come in. along with these donations have come phone calls, messages, and notes of all kinds. and i'm starting to get a glimpse of how important and how meaningful this really is.

i wanted to share a few of the stories and warm words i've received so far:
"I logged onto the Bike and Build site and learned that they donated to Slidell, LA after Katrina. We have old army friends that we have kept in touch with since 1971 who were forced out of their home there. We just heard that they are back home after quite a long road. I am sure the trip will bring you many stories and moving experiences. Good for you in wanting to do this and give back at such a young age."
"Every act of kindness matters and you will be touching the hearts and lives of many."

"We don't have lots of money but every year we have committed to donating to a few select organizations- usually my college, ProjectBread, Sierra Club and this year we're added YOU to the list!! Best of luck with all your preparations- you are about to embark on a life-changing adventure."

thank you thank you thank you all again, for sharing your stories and inspirational words. it's quite an experience to simultaneously feel the chills of such stories and the warmth of such kind words.

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