Monday, February 5, 2007

hit the mark

thank you to all who have donated so far! as of 1pm est today, a total of $1,000 has been raised -- this means bike&build should be in touch with me shortly to take my measurements and start assembling my custom-made bike (:

it'll be the third bike in my apartment -- the old beater peugeot (who i've neglected to name), naranja (the new slick fixie), and this new trek (name suggestions?) -- my roommates should start charging me extra rent.


Garrett said...

I think you should donate me one when i'm back on the same coast as you. I'm loving having a bike here, and road bikes are wonderous.

travelling terra said...

definitely. i was planning to donate the peugeot to bikes not bombs (, but if you want to use it (and love it) you can.

Brianne said...

i have a vintage peugeot, too!