Thursday, April 12, 2007

"Former hoop standout in benefit bike ride"

That's according to my hometown newspaper, the Bangor Daily News. Andrew Neff, a sports writer there, used to interview me after high school basketball games. He also knows my mom through some connection at work (he brings his mother's cat into the veterinary clinic where she works, or something like that). Anyway, he called and asked me some questions about Bike and Build back in January. Because the high school basketball tournament is such a big deal (for good reason!) up in Maine, my article got pushed back a few months. No complaints from me. Check out the article here.

Point number two of this very important post: results from the Uno's Fundraiser.
Total Sales: $722.16
Total Uno's Donation to Bike and Build: $108.32
Thanks again to everyone who came out to stuff themselves silly with pizza (and wash it down with some tasty cold beverages).