Wednesday, May 30, 2007

"If you can't be good, be safe."

Those are the wise words I received today from an old cigar-touting man in Lynn when I stopped to ask for directions to the elusive Myrtle St.

Points of the day:
-Cambridge to Gloucester and back
-82 miles roundtrip
-6 hrs and 12 mins on the bike, just over 8 with stops
-what do flashing green lights mean?
-for that matter, what does it mean when the red and yellow are lit simultaneously?
-relied heavily on the map on the way up; didn't use it once on the way back!

All in all, a great ride. Beautiful scenery and beautiful weather. Got a lunch and ate in a park I knew in town, overlooking the fishermen's docks and the harbor. After lunch, I took a little loop out to the eastern point and then headed back towards the city around 1pm. I definitely wasn't going for time, but was glad to finish 82 miles feeling tired but not wiped. If you ever drive up to Gloucester, I highly recommend taking the scenic route, specifically Route 127 (vs. I93/128). Great scenery and not much traffic on a Wednesday morning or afternoon.

Check out the pictures.


Nathan Pfaff said...

You have a freaking sweet blog. I'm taking notes on how to improve mine. I promise we'll go somewhere at least partiall new tomorrow. Concord gets boring everyday.

Dave said...

Keep it up, Terra. I have been following along on your blog from time to time, and I am impressed with the journey, all aspects of it, that you are taking. When do you finish? Also, a friend of a friend of mine from Houston is doing Bike and Build, though I don't know which team she rides with. Her name is Laura Noonan. Know her?

b said...