Sunday, August 26, 2007

I'm OreGONE Washington!

Here I am with the spiffed-up Bruiser, ready for takeoff on the morning of August 21 in Seattle, WA. That morning, Bruiser and I cruised over to the ferry terminal at Pier 52 and headed west (further west) to Bremerton, from whence we travelled to the little town of Elma. The trip got off to a great start; at the ferry, I asked a woman taking photographs if she'd take a picture of me and my bike. I got into the story of it all and she was just amazed. We talked for the length of the ferry ride (an hour) while she showed me pictures of her recent trip to Africa and also gave me her phone number and her father's phone number (from Elma) in case "anything should go wrong, God forbid." Susan was a good omen from the start.

The next morning was damp, but brightened by my encounter with Becky and Louie Berry, a couple from Portland, OR who have done many tours and gave me tips about campgrounds along the way.

On day three, I crossed over into Oregon, via ferry. It was a strange ferry. I brought my bike town onto what I thought was the dock and sat waiting for the "ferry" to return to pick us up. Then, the "dock" just started moving, and off across the Columbia River (we meet again) we went. The Oregon welcome sign on the other side was hardly sufficient, so I had to consider myself welcomed by the MOUNTAIN I immediately proceeded to climb, finally having reached US101. It was a new experience to climb such a hill (I really prefer to call it a mountain) with so much extra weight on the bike, but the scenery is payoff enough out here. I'll give you a sample:

It was at this site that I first talked with Jim and Paul, from Ohio. They're trying to make it to Tijuana in 3 weeks. Crazy, if you ask me. But then again, people say the same of me. No shame.

My internet time is running out now, but there is so much more to say. Use your imagination and I'll fill in the gaps later.



Celeste said...

Hi sweetheart-this is your mom! I can certainly see the beauty that you speak about! It really is very different from the coast of maine. I am so happy to know that you are connecting with informative, friendly and "bruiser" look to be in good shape!! Thank you for the photos and updates -i love you very much and for some weird reason, wish that i could be right along side you-but you know that you'd have to wait for me on those hills!!!!!(remember the bar harbor trip!!) i love you-mom

SCar said...

1. bruiser's so hot right now.
2. love the spoke card.
3. you make b&b proud, terra.
ride safe,

Anonymous said...

Terra - I have been thinking of you often and I am glad to see that you are safe and sound, meeting so many great people along the way. I miss you, call me if you need anything! 716-866-9010