Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Somebody said, "Today's the day."

Leaving Seattle today, shooting for the 10:15am ferry to Bremerton. Should arrive by 11:15 and then start the 75 mile ride to Elma, where I'll be staying the night at Elma RV park. Tomorrow, shooting for Lewis and Clark State Park.

I'll have my cell phone the entire way. I don't have a mailing address yet, but you can send things to:

General Delivery
ATTN: Terra Curtis
San Francisco, CA 94142
*Make sure you note on the bottom: Please hold for pickup by Sept. 12, 2007

I'll be able to pick up mail once I reach SF. My email will still be out there, too, I just won't have very frequent access. (terra.curtis@gmail.com)

Here goes!

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Katya said...

Good luck Terra!! I'm jealous. I've rented a bike (a really sweet one!) for my stay in San Fran and there are plenty of bike paths and bike lanes in the southern suburbs. Enjoy your ride. Missing you!~Katya