Monday, August 20, 2007

S-E-A-T-T-L-E, we just biked across the country!

And now I'm about to leave. I'm here in West Seattle, where I've been staying since our group arrival in Seattle one week ago today. The last mile of the ride in was indescribable; we were all chanting and yelling and flying down a huge windy hill to meet the ocean in Golden Gardens park, flanked by our families and friends yelling and chanting and squirting champagne on us, too. After a couple really successful and productive days building on Vashon Island, most of the group dispersed and made their way elsewhere. I've been lucky enough to be hosted by Erin Kinneen, a P2S04 alum who lives here in W. Seattle now. The generosity I continue to experience in this country has been an eye opener, and one that makes me want to find some permanence again soon so I may, too, offer a roof or a meal to those passing through.

As for me, I'm biking out of here tomorrow, taking a ferry to Bremerton and will head south hopefully as far as Elma tomorrow night, where I plan to stay at an RV park there. I just spoke with Frida from the Elma RV park and she seemed really excited and enthusiastic about bikers and biking, so I hope I am able to make it the 70-75 miles from Bremerton by dusk. The next day I'm looking to get to Lewis and Clark state park, where camping is available on a first-come, first-served basis (I'm thinking free as well). From there I'm not too sure, but according to the forecast and a few locals' thoughts, the sun should be coming back out sometime tomorrow. It's been sort of rainy ever since my fellow B&Bers left. Ironic?

Sorry to not post any photos right now. I'm sitting in a cafe and without my camera. I also haven't taken many photos in the last week. After arriving, I think I preferred to just live in every moment rather than through the perspective of a photographer. As soon as I can, I'll get some photos up. You might check the other blogs for photos, too. I'll steal this video from Sam just to give you something:

Godspeed (not sure why I've heard that a lot lately),
-Terra (a.k.a. t.bone)

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